FAQ Kullamannen


Where’s the race center?
The race center i located Grand Hotell Mölle but the starts are located at Mölle habour. The Ultra 100 Miles is located to Hotell Skansen in Båstad.


What happens during the weekend?
The weekend is filles with activites, for bystanders, friends and families – anyone who is curious about what happens at Kullaberg.


When will I get more information about the race?
Information will be sent out by email in due time before the race.


Where can I get my bib/race number?
If you live in Sweden and is registered to run Svart, Dödens Zon or Sibirien 50 km, the number bib will be mailed (snail mail that is) to the address you stated when registering. If you haven’t received it you are welcome to pick it up at the race center in Mölle on Friday between 18.00-20.00 hrs or on Saturday at least 1 hr before your race starts. All non Swedish residents to pick up their bib at the race center i Mölle.

Ultra 100 Miles runners as well as Sprint Ultra 100 km runners to pick up their race bib before the start in Båstad on the Friday 1-2 hours before start. Sibirien Ultra runners to pick up their bibs in Råbocka Ängelholm 1-2 hours before the start.


When do I get my Kullamannen function shirt I order at registration?
You can pick it up at the Race center at Grand Hotel Môlle from Friday 30th of October 18-20.00 eller Saturday 31st of October until 1700 hrs.


Can I buy the Kullamannen running shirt in Mölle?
Yes, we’ll have some extra shirts for sale at the race center in Mölle.


What are the starting times for the 2020 race?
Note! These times are preliminary. 
Ultra “Himmel, Hav & Helvete” 100 Miles – 09.00 hrs – at Hotel Skansen in central Båstad.
Please note! The bus to Båstad from Mölle departs at 06:00 hrs. The race briefing will be held at 08:15 hrs in Hotel Skansen, Båstad.
Svart bana – 09.00-09.30 hrs – Mölle harbour
Dubbeldöden – 12.00-12.10 hrs – Mölle harbour
Dödens Zon – 12.20-13.20 hrs – Mölle harbour


What are the maximum times of the races?
Svart: 2,5 hrs
Dödens Zon: 4 hrs
Ultra 100 Miles: 36 hrs

Note the following cut of times for Ultra 100 miles:
•  Friday 17.00 hrs – Ängelholm
•  Saturday 17.00 hrs – Mölle (To begin the last lap).
• Saturday 21.00 hrs – Goal/finish line closing


Do I need a headlamp/torch?
It is up to you. Sun sets at 16:30 hrs, so if you’re not heading for a world record time or have explicit night vision it might be a good idea. No headlamp? No worries, you can buy a very nice one from Petzl at the race center i Mölle, or send us an email and we’ll have it shipped for you.

Shit I can’t make it, can my friend take my place in the race?

Yes, of course. Just email us the below information regarding the person who is taking your place.

  • First Name, Family Name
  • Postal address (Important, this is where we send the bib number)
  • Running Club or equivalent
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address

The cost of a name change is 100 SEK.
You are aware that you can sell your start at Startplatser.se if you do not have a buyer?

If I get hur and can’t show, do I get my money back?
No, afraid not. Startklar is a great insurance for every runners and it will have you covered for a whole year.

Can I bring my dog to the race?
Well, we get this question an number of times each year. We love dogs, but sorry to say the dog has to stay at home this time.

Can I take a shower after the race?
No, sorry we can not provide that luxury. There are no such facilities in Mölle.

Can I get something to eat when I’ve finished the race?
Absolutely. You can get great food at Grand Hotell Mölle.

What about medical assistance at the race?
Do you have more serious health issues we advice you to stay at home, but we have a great team of doctors and nurses that can treat more simple problems and respond to other medical issues that can occur during a race of this kind. Please carry a First Aid Kit (mandatory for ultra runners).

Can I have people feed me during the race?
No. Ultra runners will be provided with water, energy drinks and ultra-snacks (see Race information for detailed info). Note that we due to environmental reasons will not provide you with a plastic or papper mug. You have to bring your own. Don’t forget!


Can I park my car by the race center?
You are aloud to park your car in Mölle as long as you do it with respect for the locals, they must have the possibility to live their lives as usual. The possibility to park in Mölle is also limited and therefore Kullamannen will provide the possibility to park on the fields in the outskirts of the village.


Please arrive in due time!
A are expecting a lot of visitors. The roads are small and winding, so please make sure to plan your trip accordingly. The drive from Helsingborg is about 40-50 minutes and the drive from Ängelholm will take you about 45 minutes.


Can I pay with credit card at the race center?
Yes, you will be able to pay with credit card and/or Swish transfers.


Can spectators follow the race?
Of course! Bring family and friends along for the ride. There is a number of great places with quite easy access where they can follow you on your way towards the finishing line. Please visit the race weekend program for more information.


How do sum up the race weekend in Mölle?
The best way is of course to summarize the weekend of racing at the official After Race Dinner at Grand Hotel Mölle.