Run the Kullamannen Golden Segment Sweden and win a ticket to the Championships in the Azores!

Is your dream to challenge the elite runners in the four day stage race trail running championships in the Azores? Or do you need quality training prior to the Kullamannen Trail Race in November and would like to win great prizes from Kullamannen and Umara? Then this is your chance to make it happen.

From 1st of July until 1st of October you are challenged to run the Kullamannen Golden Segment at Kullaberg. The fastest time recorded on the segment will give you the Golden ticket!




1 Golden Ticket – women’s fastest recorded time

1 Golden Ticket – men’s fastest recorded time

Golden Ticket Golden Trail Series

35 x Golden Trails / Kullamannen T-shirts – will be raffled among all runners

T-shirt Golden Trail Series Kullamanen Segment

5 x Umara energy packs – will be raffled among all runners

umara energipaket golden segment kullamannen

Note! Prices to be picked up by the winners at Kullens Lighthouse. They will not be sent by mail.

Simple, if you are not already Strava user make sure to become one. Then simply pick the Kullamannen Golden Segment and get out to Kullaberg as fast as you can! Below you find the link to the Strava Segment, a GPX-file and a map for download, as well as a textual description of the course. If you are aiming for the record we advise you to do a test/reconnaissance run in order to get familiar with the course. The last day to complete the course is October 1st. Good luck!

Some parts of the course can be a bit tricky and you need to keep your tongue in your mouth to stay on track. Always trust your GPS if you are an experienced user. To make sure you feel even more comfortable on the course we have put together a quick guide for the more challenging parts.

Golden Trail Segment Kullamannen Kullaberg

Arild – Fiskaren – Himmelstorp

When approaching Arild, just prior to entering the village the course turns back heading west. Follow the narrow path with pastures on the left and the sea to the right.


After about 500 metres you will reach a fence – follow the meadow to the right and when you have an old small concrete bunker on your right (after about 100 metres) follow a small trail down to the pebble beach. Continue on the shore side going west for about 300-400 metres and you will see a carin (stones put on top each other) and a pear tree (image below). Take right and find the small trail behind the trees and bushes. You should see the remaining of a small stone “house”. It’s called Fiskaren. Follow the trail upward and when you reach a meadow, follow it by the edge and when you reach the end follow the path going west. Soon you will arrive at a grass field by a house continue on the path west until you come out on a big trail. Now find the Skåneleden and just keep following the GPX-route towards Nimis.

Fiskaren Golden Segment Kullaberg
Fiskaren Kullaberg Golden Trail

Håkullsmal – Håkull
When running towards Håkull from Nimis on Skåneleden the GPX will direct you towards the sea. Follow the path on the little ridge all the way down to the sea.


Down by the sea, continue across the pebble beach and take amin on the trees with low hanging branches. Pass the trees on the right and continue all the way to the mountain wall. Follow the wall until the climb starts and keep going until you find the narrow path leading you all the way up to a traversing path. Get on the traversing path going left and follow it for about 100 metres until you reach a couple of logs laid on the ground forming an arrow that points in the direction of Håkull.


Follow this direction and you will soon reach the next traversing path. Follow this path left. In about 200-300 metres you will reach a stone wall. Follow this wall to the place where it is has collapsed (it is broken) and step over to the other side. From here keep going west to reach Håkull.

Håkkullsmal Golden Trail Segment Kullaberg Sweden


When you go down from Håkull, after 600-700 metres the GPX will point you in the direction north towards Valdemarsgrottan. Follow the path and after a while you will find a fixed rope. Use the rope to help support the climb down to the cave, you have to go all the way down until you stand in front of the cave entrance. Then you return the same way you climbed down.

Valdemarsgrottan Golden Segment Kullaberg Sverige Kullamannen

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This page will be updated continually. Don’t hesitate to contact Kullamannen if you have further questions.