Land Rover Defender – securing support and safety for the Kullamannen Trail runners

The Kullamannen Trail race puts participants to the limit of their capabilities in trail running races ranging from 22 km to 100 miles in a varied landscape in harsh conditions that occur in the Scandinavian late autumn.

To create safety and support for the runners, the race organization has to go to great lengths, making the Land Rover Defender the ultimate tool for the organization. The race course needs constant maintenance, energy has to be distributed to the runners, and once in a while a runner needs assistance due to injuries or for other reasons being forced to leave the race. Constant movement, constant need for transportation.

Don’t forget the trail basics

Planning the trail


Proper planning prevents piss poor performance. They call it “the 3 Ps” an they’re easy to remember. In other words, make sure you know the terrain, the weather, approximate time you will spend on the trail and then plan accordingly.

Right equipment


Make sure you’re equipped for both performance and safety. Depending on weather the Kullamannen trail race can offer everything from dusty trails to slippery wet rocks and mud (even swamps).



Just because it’s light now doesn’t mean it’s light later. With less visibility you will loose speed and increase the risk for accidents. And for God’s sake bring extra batteries.



Be smart and don’t run on empty. The ability to compensate for the energy you loose is vital. If you can’t compensate for the loss you’re out of the race, sooner or later. What makes your body tick? Only you can find out.