Race director’s letter 2022

Hello Runner,

It’s about two weeks to race day. 

This is very often the best part of a big trail challenge. You can’t do any bigger improvements to your running strength, and it is still a long time to start worrying. 

The race year for us starts always the day after the annual race. 365 days to go feels like an eternity but believe me, time flies faster the closer you come to race day. 

So the Race Director and runners have equal pre-race experience. With two weeks to go, we can cut things that not will be so necessary to create a great experience, and the time to make bigger changes are too late. So like the old racehorses, we just can wait and count the days to the race start. 

But during long nights you can wake up and wonder, will the reflex tape arrive in time? Will any key crew member get ill? It’s a standard question in the pandemic time we are living in. 

For Kullamannen it has been a dramatic year to transfer from the small crazy local race to being part of the worldwide UTMB World series. The mythical experience and spirit of the race shall always be the same but behind the scenes, there are hundreds of improvements for an even better experience.

Some advice for the ride:

Weather is a merciless competitor. Check the forecast and bring clothes for all condition. Kullamannen is more than a race. It’s an adventure. 

”This thing was a slayer of strong men and women”, the Kiwi quote is true. But uncertainty is the adventure’s best friend. Who talks about the easy day in front of a fire with friends? No we all want a tale to tell and often it’s a day of struggle we think about. 

Between 35-70% make it, it’s not so bad odds compared to Rabies which has a zero percent survival. It’s courage to stand at the start line in a race with that DNF rate. 

Be proud. And have fun. 

When you are cold, weak, and alone in the darkness and negative thoughts start in your mind. Remember you can always take another step and in an hour you can climb up from hell and back to life. Never give up, you will regret it later. 

Sunrise 07:24 hrs 

Sunset 16:22 hrs

Now, count the days and prepare for battle.