A trail running adventure

Kullamannen has never aspired to become just a running race. Kullamannen is for the crazy ones, the unstoppable few who wants to challenge body and soul in a true trail running adventure. To hell and back.


In the year of 2022 Kullamannen Trail will be composed of four different trail races from 20 km to 161 km (100 miles).

Dödens Zon 20 km
Kullamannen Dödens Zon 22 km

Dödens Zon

The true distance
20 kilometres

Sibirian Ultra 50 km
Sibirien Ultra 50 km

Sibirian Ultra

Speed ultra experience
50 kilometres

100 km sprint Ultra
Sprint Ultra 100 km

Sprint Ultra

2 x effort, 2 x impact
100 kilometres

Ultra 100 miles

Ultra 100 miles

”Heaven, Sea & Hell”
161 kilometres