Sibirien Ultra 50 km


Sibirien Ultra 50 km

The coastal speed Ultra 


The path goes through winding pine forest trails in an area known as Siberia locally. It is believed that a UFO landed there on May 18, 1946. The “Pollen King” Gösta Carlsson, who witnessed the incident, claims to have created his business thanks to the extraterrestrials. One can therefore say that the local hockey club Rögle BK also comes from outer space.


When you pass Siberia, you will come to the small village of Jonstorp. You will run through a couple of nature reserves and a suspension bridge passage. Don’t fall in to the water! In Svanshall you will follow the stoneworkers old trail but prepare for a dramatic change. You will soon enter Arild and the gateway to Dödens Zon (the Death Zone). With 35 easy kilometres in your legs you will soon realize that its not easy anymore. Its now the race really begins with technical steep hills, stony paths and slippery roots. The daylight will be fading at this time, but if you are strong enough you will reach the lighthouse before dawn. If not, the darkness will delay your journey, but who really cares? The longer time at the mountain, the longer pleasure.

   Distance: +50 km


    Accumulated height gain: ≈ 1300 metres


   Duration: 5-8 hours


    Maximum time: 11 hours


Race calendarDate: Saturday, November 5th 2022


     Start time: 09:00 CET


       Start position: Råbocka Camping, Ängelholm (November)

Note that this is a draft GPX file. Updates might be applied at any time before race day. VER 2.0.2021.

Race course SIBIRIEN 50 km 2021