Sprint Ultra 100 km

Sprint Ultra 100 km


In the steps of the stoneworkers


From Båstad you will follow a marked Skåneleden trail along the Bjäre coast line. You will pass steep cliffs and beautiful views, shores with flat stones and small fisherman villages. The first 55 km to Ängelholm will be the easy ones. After the drop-bag stop in Råbocka you will pass Siberia, and soon come to the small village of Jonstorp. You will run through a couple of nature reserves and a suspension bridge passage. Don’t fall in to the water!

In Svanshall you will follow the stoneworkers old trail, but prepare for a dramatic change. You will soon enter Arild and the gateway to Dödens Zon (the Death Zone). With the easy kilometres in your legs you will soon realize that its not easy anymore. Its now the race really begins with technical steep hills, stony paths and slippery roots. At CEST 16.22 in the evening the darkness will delay your journey, but who really cares? The longer time on the mountain, the longer the pleasure. Sooner or later you will reach the finish line at Grand Hôtel in Mölle for a warm welcome.

Distance: +100 km


 Accumulated height gain: ≈ 1800 metres


Duration: 9-18 hours


Maximum time: 22 hours


Race calendar Date: Friday 5th of November 2021


Start time: CET 07:15


Start position: Hotel Skansen, Båstad, Sweden (November)

Note that this is a draft GPX file. Updates might be updated at any time before race day. VER 1.0 2021