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Kullamannen Sportklubb welcomes you to the ninth edition of the Kullamannen trail race. You will run a challenging and beautiful route on magic trails through the Kullaberg peninsula with a fascinating scenery by the sea.






Number BIB
Bibs are sent out by post prior race.
For non Swedish addresses, please pick-up bib at race center.
Crazy 88 – Bib, chip and tracker is collected at the race center Friday evening.


Limited parking available, travel together if possible.


Water stations
Note! All runners have to bring their own cup. To protect the environment Kullamannen will not provide cups out on the trail.


Start times

Crazy 88 – Friday 00:00 (midnight)

Dog Trail – Saturday 08:15 – groups of 10 dogs start with 1 minute intervals according to start list*.

Svart bana – Saturday 09:00 (seeded runners), followed by starts every 10 minutes according to start list*.

Dubbeldöden –  Saturday 12:00 seeded runners, 12:10 second group

Dödens Zon – Saturday 12:20 (seeded runners), followed by starts every 10 minutes according to start list.

*Start lists will be distributed at the latest 24 hrs before race start.




Race center 
The Race Center and the finish area is located at Grand Hotel Mölle. By car on highway E6/E20, take exit 33, Traffic area N Varalöv, follow road 112 towards Höganäs. At Tunneberg take right and follow Norra Kustvägen to Mölle.


Limited parking In Mölle. There are no specific parking areas for the event and all parking should be in accordance to local rules. Public transportation take buss 222 from Helsingborg or Höganäs, www.skanetrafiken.se


If you need accommodation, please visit Boende Kullaberg for suggestions.


Number BIBS
Bibs are sent by mail to postal address given at registration. For non Swedish addresses, please pick-up bib at race center minimum 1 hr before before start.


Time to pick up BIBS at Race center


Friday November 1st:
All races – 18:00 to 20:00


Saturday November 2nd:
Svart Bana and Dog Trail – 07:30 to 09:00
Dödens Zon and Dubbeldöden – 10:30 to 12:00


Start list               
Start list can be found at kullamannen.com and at the Race center.


Mölle harbor, except from Crazy 88 that starts at Grand Hotel.


Maximum time
Svart bana – 2,5 hrs
Dödens zon – 4 hrs
Dubbeldöden – 8 hrs (cut off time 16:00 to start second loop by Grand Hotel)
Crazy 88 – 21 hrs (cut off time 16:00 to continue from Grand Hotel)


Extra clothes
You can leave extra clothes before the start. It should be in placed in plastic bag marked with your name and start number. It will be placed in marked area, but please note that Kullamannen can not take responsibility for your belongings.


Drop bag
Crazy 88 runners can leave a drop bag at Grand Hotel Mölle. Drop bags should be marked with start number.
Please note that drop bags are not allowed for Dubbeldöden.
Maximum drop bag size: 30 x 20 x 20 cm. Kullamannen do not take any responsibility for your belongings.


There are no showers or locker rooms in Mölle.


Located at Race Center at Grand Hotel and at the start.


Medical care  
Located at Race Center in Mölle, Håkull and by the lighthouse Kullens fyr.


Food and drink    
At Race Center in Grand Hotel Mölle.
Open Friday 12:00-21:00 and Saturday 05:00 until late.


Runner’s Store will have a shop at Grand Hotel Mölle and Salomon and Suunto will demonstrate their trail gear and shoes.


Price ceremony    

Dog Trail – approx. 10:00

Svart bana – approx. 11:00

Dödens Zon and Crazy 88 – approx. 15:30

Dubbeldöden – approx. 18:00


Recommended places to follow the runners are:
Himmelstorp (Dödens Zon)
Kullens Fyr
Grand Hotel Mölle


We use electronic time keeping provided by our partner Racetimer. There is a chip in your bib and this should not be ripped off! No chip = no result!


For the Crazy 88 race we provide a chip to be put on the ankle according to instructions. The chip have to be returned after the race. The Crazy 88 competitors will also be provided with a GPS-tracker.


Dropping out       
If you for any reason have to drop out during the race, please get to the nearest drink/food station or the Race Center and inform the race organization. If that id not possible, please find a race official who will help you contact race management.


The course          
The course is marked with red/white stripes. On the course, you have to pass through a couple of fences and you are obliged to use the gates. You will also cross a road. Be very cautious!


High fences         
It’s strictly forbidden to climb over any fence and any violation will result in disqualification!


Map will be available at the Race center.


Water station       

Svart bana – Josefinelust (approx 4 km) and at finish (water and Umara energy drink)

Dödens Zon and Dubbeldöden – Josefienlust and Grand Hotel Mölle (water and Umara energy drinks)

Crazy 88 – Josefinelust (water and Umara energy drinks) and Grand Hotel Mölle (food and drink station)


All runners – you have to bring your own cup!


Race rules           


  • You are not allowed to have external support or pace runner
  • You have to follow the marked trail
  • You have to follow any instructions or guidance of the race marshals
  • You have to help and assist any fellow racer that has got injured or ill in any way
  • The area of Kullaberg is a Nature Reserve and littering is absolutely forbidden!
  • If not following the above rules result in disqualification
  • Participating in the race is done on your own risk



Everyone crossing the finish line within maximum time limit are rewarded with a medal.


The sun sets at 16:27. If you are running Dubbeldöden or Crazy-88, it is wise to bring a headlamp.


info@kullamannen.com or Kullamannen’s service phone +46-709-66 00 97 from 12:00 Wednesday October 31st to 12:00 Sunday November 3rd.


At last
Keep an eye on the weather forecast. Weather can vary from 17°C to negative –5°C. Dress according to weather!


We wish you the best of luck at the race!




In cooperation with FK Boken and Munka-Ljunby IBK