Ultra 100 Miles

Ultra 100 miles

Ultra 100 Miles “Heaven, Sea & Hell”


“Heaven, Sea & Hell” the pure Scanian trail adventure


A +100-mile long course along two fantastic nature reserves with an end at the magical Kullaberg nature reserve. The course runs along beautiful ridges coastal paths. When the day is over, you have traveled about 100 miles and about 2300 altitude meters.


The race starts in Båstad and goes through Sinarpsdalen to Ängelsbäcksstrand and from there north via Torekov and Hovs Hallar to Båstad. Then you once again go through Sinarpsdalen to Ängelbäcksstrand and from here follows Skåneleden and marked trails to Stora Hult – Råbocka – Svanshall – Arlid and Mölle. From Mölle you have the last section following the trails around Kullaberg to the finish in Mölle.  


At the lighthouse you see the light and the harbor of Mölle feels close, in your imagination you can feel the aroma of barbecue and at the last 1200 metres along the old beach road with the salt splash from the sea on your right. But this is not the end. It’s the beginning of the race. 


You will get three aid/food stations in Båstad, Råbocka and Mölle. In Råbocka you also have your drop bag. There are four more aid stations, in Glimming, Stora Hult, Svanshall and Josefinelust.  



A Kiwi described the course this way:
”This was a monster, a slayer of strong men and women”


Another runners says:
“When you’re in it, you think its madness. Afterwards you want more.


Welcome to one of the most challenging and beautiful +100 mile race in Scandinavia.


“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
/Ernest Hemingway



Distance: +161 km


 Accumulated height gain:2150 metres


Duration: 19-32 hours


Maximum time: 32 hours


Race calendar Date: Friday, November 4th 2022


Start time: 18:00


Start position: Hotel Skansen, Båstad, Sweden


Ver 1.0 2022