Terms & conditions


  • The registration to the race is final and individual
  • The registration is confirmed and valid when the registration fee is paid and registered at Kullamannen’s account
  • Payment should be made within 5 days, thereafter Kullamannen has the right cancel the registration
  • The registration is made under the Swedish law “Lagen om distansavtal”
  • In addition Kullamannen:
    • Allow a runner to cancel registration and receive 75% of the registration fee back if made before 31 December 2014. Thereafter is no registration fee paid back
    • Allow name change on a registration up until April 15, 2015
    • Allow change of class (if the class is open for registration)
    • The runner participate in the race at its own risk and will not hold the race organizer responsible for any injure or accident.


Rules for racing

  • You have to follow the marked trail
  • You have to follow any instrictions or guidance of the race marshals
  • You have to help and assist any fellow racer that has got injured or ill in any way
  • The area of Kullaberg is a Nature Reserve and droping any waste in the nature is absolutely forbidden!
  • If not following the above rules result in disqualification
  • Participating in the race is done on your own risk


Other information

The Kullamannen race takes place in the beautiful area of Kullaberg that is a nature reserves area. To limit the impact on nature Kullamannen have restricted the total number of runners to 2300. Kullamannen decides on the split of runners between the respective classes.